My Design Studio is the container for your vision to expand.

Your heart is bursting with passion and you have many creative ideas to bring forth.
I will help you manifest them with clarity and intention.

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A brand and website aligned
to your energy.

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Effective communication and website
tools to reach your audiences.

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Intentional, clear thinking
to achieve the results you seek.

We step up to be of service. We know when it’s time: heart, brain and gut are aligned. The full force of our vision picks up momentum. We have a calm, quiet conviction rooted inside– we don’t even need to push. Synchronicity shows up. It is effortless.
— Nora Zimerman


I partner with spiritual entrepreneurs, visionaries and organisations on a mission to change and elevate the quality of people’s lives.

My collaborative and strategic approach supports you in stepping into your zone of genius, reach the audiences you dream of influencing and touch people’s hearts for the better.

I design brands and websites that communicate your vision, help run your business efficiently and create the right experience for your customers whilst they interact with your brand online and offline.

Whilst we collaborate for a period of 3-5 months, we will touch on every aspect of your business. This is an investment for years to come. You will not only elevate your business, you will posses the confidence to run it with the solutions and systems we will put in place.

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How did I get here?

I have 30 years experience designing for brands and businesses of all kinds– corporations, members associations and spiritual businesses.
I've honed my design skills around the world with Masters, Degrees, Trainings and on the job.

Intuition is my internal compass.
Passion is my driving force.


Would you like to discuss your project?