Simple, Attuned, Soul-aligned Designs

A Business evolution asks that you commit.
It pulls you forward to your own upgrade.
It requires focus, intentionality, and faith.

Nora at desk

Step into greatness

When we work together you'll be suported to step into your zone of genius.

My collaborative process allows for fluidity, exploration and outcomes. Creativity can be expanded and contained within the right framework.

We will reach the essence of you Soul Brand and I'll translate and communicate this vibration into the Designs.

Your clients will experience a fully aligned brand and website that communicates and sells with ease and integrity.

"You are extremely organised and incredibly proactive – things happen quickly, efficiently and you care about the company you are involved with. I have been empowered from working with you and your team. All meetings are professional although friendly and you have helped me move forward technology-wise hugely, and at the same time made it feel easy. I also feel the energy shift within TASK and there is a lot of positive movement which I am very happy to continue to keep going with. I really enjoy working with you."

— Claire Muller, The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology

"You have a sound process and tools, very organised, you walk your client all along the process and provide support when we hit certain "walls" or bottlenecks. You manage to get from us the very essence of what needs to be reflected in the final product. You strike the right balance between having patience when it is needed and pushing when it's necessary. A great learning process for me. I had very good references of your work, high quality, very professional, very current, very creative and most important "niche" oriented supporting "soul led businesses"."

— Amalia Perochena, Despertar tu Portal de Espiritualidad, Energía y Consciencia

A day in the life of a Designer

How did I get here?

I have 30 years experience designing for brands and businesses of all kinds– corporations, members associations and spiritual businesses.

I've honed my design skills around the world with Masters, Degrees, Trainings and on the job.

Intuition is my compass. Passion is my driving force.