Visionary, Attuned, Soul-aligned Designs

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When we work together you'll be supported to step into your zone of genius, whilst I translate the core vibration of your Brand's Vision into a potent, unified experience.

My collaborative process is rooted 30 years experience. It allows for fluidity, creativity and outcomes.

Your clients will experience a fully aligned brand and website that communicates and sells with ease and integrity.

"The new website expresses what the Center for Conscious Ascension truly is at this stage of its evolution, it has rationalised our myriad of offerings into a very inviting, simple, easy flowing journey for the users. A complete and radical upgrade from our old 2009 site which grew in an organic messy way in the past and where in the end it was difficult to find things and understand what they were all about. Clarity is the key word I would use here. I benefited from finding out who I really was energetically and emotionally, learning about being a power brand and then having that reflected in the way the website is designed and how it manages to transmit all of that energy authentically."

— Nicolas David Ngan, Center for Conscious Ascencion

"You have a sound process and tools, very organised, you walk your client all along the process and provide support when we hit certain walls or bottlenecks. You manage to get from us the very essence of what needs to be reflected in the final product. You strike the right balance between having patience when it is needed and pushing when it's necessary. A great learning process for me. I had very good references of your work, high quality, very professional, very current, very creative and most important niche oriented supporting soul led businesses."

— Amalia Perochena, Despertar tu Portal de Espiritualidad, Energía y Consciencia

A day in the life of a Designer

How did I get here?

I'm a Design Expert and Creative Director, known industry-wide for creating Brands and Websites that deeply reflect your Essence - and nothing less.

I apply both my extensive experience designing for large corporations, not for profit organisations, and individual businesses as well as my spiritual path.

I offer business owners a potent combination of Design, Strategy and Spirituality for their branding and website process.

You may spot me swimming in the river, dancing wildly, singing (candidly out of tune) or hiking in the Surrey hills.

Intuition is my compass. Passion is my driving force.