The contact page on your website

The dark horse in the website creation process

I love working with clients on their contact page. Mostly because it always gets a little forgotten and I think it is quite an important one. In the website creation process the home page is the one that always gets a lot of attention, and even in your mind- if you are thinking about your website; it likely takes precedence over the others. The main thing about the contact page is that if people got to it is because they want to talk to you. They want to connect. They want to buy. They want to know where you are located if that information is not anywhere else. They are interested!

For some clients the contact page can be challenging to resolve

I encourage clients to not just say ‘email me to enquire’, or ‘call me and I’ll tell you all about my services’. Your website can be your right-hand helper, it can assist your business so you don’t have to repeat yourself a thousand times and it can can handle admin, bookings and enquires in a streamlined manner. When a contact page is correctly set up and in tune with your brand, prospective clients will take action with ease as they’ll feel held and relaxed.

The contact page is typically one of the places where you’d make a clear offer and even make a sale! Your offer can be in the form of an invitation, for example on my website I invite you to book a discovery session. For others they may invite people to purchase something; it can be a combination of booking and payment. Or it can simply be: please fill in this form to see if we are a good match.
There are a myriad of ways engaging prospects kindly and with clarity into the next step– without sounding salesy or imposing. It does not need to be a hard sale. However it can bring up a layer of unease in you as you work with this page simply because offering, asking, being in charge and requesting payment is something that we are sometimes challenged with.

Align your invitation with the whole purpose of your business

The best way to approach this part on the contact page is to know that you are inviting people to take an action. They can say yes, they can say no or they may even counter offer. The best part of being clear on this page is that you align with your reason for being of service. You align with the whole purpose of your business. You are actually telling people what you are here to do. And that is powerful.