Charlotte Jane Kessler Artist

Website Design and e-commerce on Squarespace

Charlotte is a sensitive artist creating from her deepest soul calling. When we first met, she had a dated website without e-commerce and also misaligned with who she became. We worked together to rationalise her shop and products for sale, and created systems behind the scenes to manage them with ease. Being a business owner can be a forever multitasking exercise and I was keen to alleviate Charlotte’s admin time and encourage her to focus on her super power: creation!.

Photo shoot

We wanted to show Charlotte in action painting and researching before a piece is complete: how she draws inspiration from nature, how she tunes in. The intention was for prospects to connect not just with her art pieces but with her as a person too.


I provided questionnaires for Charlotte to do the initial writing within the structure and flow of the site I planned. I wanted her tone of voice and words to come from her. She then worked with one of my recommended copy-writers to bring clarity and life to her words.

Charlotte JK Home Page.jpg

I felt that you genuinely listened and looked at me in order to carry the vision forward. I felt understood, in terms of where I had come from and where I wanted to get to. At the start I felt very bogged down but by the end of the project my vision was wider, yet lighter and my focus and intention more professional. I feel better equipped in many ways. Mainly having a stronger understanding of boundaries around the task at hand and how to remain focused, so that the message I am trying to convey to customers remains clear and concise. I know that you helped me to gain clarity in keeping the outcome simple; for my business and the customer experience.
— Charlotte Jane Kessler

Does this sound like what you'd like for your business and your brand?