Serve at your Highest Level


Brands and Websites reflecting the true Essence of your Vision.

Positioned to upgrade your business. Exquisitely designed. Fully aligned with your Soul Brand.

High frequency Personal Brands
For Established Brands upleveling
For Serious beginners ready to be seen fully

Selected Projects

"You are just really skilled at helping your clients bring to life a online-home that’s in alignment with their brand’s essence. Plus you’re a true companion, encouraging, without being afraid to challenge your clients where necessary. It’s a combination I like and respond well to. Birthing a new website and brand is a big thing. A lot of love and intention goes into the process but you made it fun and enjoyable. I know that this could have been much more painful, and I’m actually quite astonished what we achieved in a still relatively short time. You were just the perfect fit for me! Thank you."

— Corinne Konrad Calder, Rebel Heart Woman

"Working with you is not just a branding and website creation, it’s also refining and aligning the business owner with their business. I loved the depth of fine alignment of who I am and how that is now so accurately translated into the energy of the website and the brand.
I’ve grown on many levels, business and personal, and this website gives me the authority in my field that I was looking for."

— Gennye Lion, New Earth and Intuitive Business Intelligence Mentor

"I was struggling with being fluent explaining what I do and figuring this out for people to understand. You got me and I learnt through other people's eyes. Joining the program was about becoming a presence in the world. Doing Your Website School was empowering and it brought me into focus. I'm sharp, I'm on point and I'm powerful"

— Amanda Kanini-Dyer, Soul Therapist


A True Partnership

The process is highly collaborative and the container is rooted in 30+ years experience. You'll learn to Embody your Brand whilst I translate that core Essence into the Designs.
My method provides a structure for you to go deep; so you can fully express your desires and manifest your next level Vision. My designs are bold, finely attuned to your frequency and positioned to connect and resonate with your clients.

Expand the Light of Your Soul Business

  1. Discover Your Soul Brand

  2. Birth Your New Website

  3. Serve Your Global Audience

  • Re-frame and birth your new online presence
  • Clear stagnant content, old energy and dissonant material
  • Elegant Designs, Systems, User experience optimisation
"You have a great capacity to find and translate the essence of what we do into imagery and overall design. And you are a joy to work with! I appreciated your clarity, your responsiveness and ability to capture the energetics that are so essential to helping people understand the essence of our work. I am very happy with the new look of the website. Now, we are able to show people what and who we are about as soon as they land on our website. The new design has been a solid support for our launch, with a very short turn-over period. Great feedback from clients, communities and thought leaders who are now very comfortable to share our work with their communities."

— Annemiek van Helsdingen, Academy for Soul-based Coaching

"I appreciated Nora's caring, profound and professional way to engage and to assist me all the way through the "labour". She was a midwife accompanying me to birth my "soul child". I am deeply grateful for this rich experience. The process showed me the complexity and richness of how creation may be put into form and a strong and beautiful sense of collaboration. I also loved to meet other birthing women and to admire their creativity."

— AnuMa, The Roots of the Mother


Align your Soul Brand Website
to your Mission of Service

  1. Evaluate your own website on a practical and energetic level
  2. Understand how your customers connect with your website
  3. Realign your business with the truth of your Mission of Service


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