The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology

Website Design and development + Logo re-fresh + Marketing strategy + Email and Social Media + Community management


Website Design and development
+ Marketing Strategy

Natalie Brooks

Website Design and development

Take a Walk on the Lightside

Website Design and development + Photography

My experience of working with you is always dynamic, I appreciate your creative flair, collaborative ethos and attitude and boldness in giving direct feedback that moves more on and deepens my creative process. It’s always an intense, powerful and creative process that supports me in gaining even more clarity about how to communicate my contribution. You are talented, professional, exceptionally organised and focussed and emotionally attuned.
— Tracy Seed

Current and Past Clients


Procter & Gamble
Liquid (Now Collider)
BOC Gases – Linde Group
Figaro Brands
Ringmat Developments
European Sponsorship Association
Saltus Investment Management
Kingston Liberal Synagogue
Biodanza Association UK
Katinka Soetens–Her Path of Love

Liz Darcy Jones
Sara Alston
Tracy Seed
Lou Hamilton – Brave New Girl
Biodanza London School
Charlotte Jane Kessler
Indigo Brave
Biodanza West London
Leafgreen Displays
Centre for Circus Culture
Thameside Media

Kingston Arts
Karen Earl
Mohsin Health Products
Gennye Lion Rainbow Anderson
Amanda Kanini-Dyer
Sharon Ashdreeaz Gahyle
Fennella Flor
Casa del Prete
Sudha–Singing into Silence
Riverside Vegetaria Restaurant
Shake London