Take a Walk on the Lightside

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Ayaahanie is one of a kind. An exquisitely intuitive, talented healer and creator of new healing methodologies; she was a successful practitioner in person when we met, but had no website at all.
Challenging client cases are her speciality. Her gentle, welcoming nature combined with her quiet power put people immediately at ease.


Ayaahanie is super creative, loves dressing up and changing her look. Since she is also and artist I suggested we feature her inside her own works of art! I took the photos myself and then went on to create the blended looks, we had great fun working together.


Syriiel blend-1.jpg
Syriiel blend-2.jpg

Syriiel galactic 2.jpg

The creative process was friendly, fun and easy. I now have a beautiful website that has allowed me to expand out into the world
— Ayaahanie - Take a walk on the lightside


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