Tracy Seed, Inspiring Authentic Communication

Website Design and Development, Branding and Logo, Website Strategy

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a process of communication, developed by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg that is based on compassion, authenticity, and courage. The website works as a library of information and resources for the public and as a promotional tool for the NVC Practitioners.

A wonderful collaboration with Tracy and Penny from NVC-UK, my task was to translate a large structure into a website designed to look simple, clear and easy to navigate. A membership site where practitioners promote themselves and their events whilst offering information to the general public.  

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Does this sound like what you'd like for your business and your brand?

My experience of working with you is always dynamic, I appreciate your creative flair, collaborative ethos and attitude and boldness in giving direct feedback that moves more on and deepens my creative process. It’s always an intense, powerful and creative process that supports me in gaining even more clarity about how to communicate my contribution. You are talented, professional, exceptionally organised and focussed and emotionally attuned.
— Tracy Seed - Inspiring Authentic Communication

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