Alaynah Rose Garibay

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Alaynah is an experienced Leadership Mentor, wise woman, a former educational leader and mostly a guide. She's collected wisdom and life experience from across the globe and has trainings in Astrology, Divine Healing and Ancient Wisdom to support her clients on their mastery journey.

Alaynah Rose-iMac
"Throughout the process, my ideas were refined with words and images that began to take on my unique energy and what I bring to the world. My image of myself began to evolve, and while at times I was pushed out of my comfort zone- the process was transformational. I learned about soul branding from watching others work on their projects and from their suggestions for my work. As a result of this course, I have a beautiful representation of the work I offer. It is tailored toward the client that will resonate with deep personal growth and leadership. I now am thoughtful about the words I use and the way I embody my soul purpose on a daily basis."

— Alaynah Rose Garibay, Alaynah Rose LLC