Despertar tu Portal de Espiritualidad, Energía y Consciencia

Brand Identity, Website Design, WordPress website.


Amalia Perochena started in the corporate world and as she was looking for answers for her own awakening she realised there was nothing that would support her personal journey, especially in Spanish and in an organised way.  Despertar is the platform she wishes she had found those early days. A valuable library of courses and resources for beginners and advanced awakening students in the Latin American market. Amalia is also an accomplished healer and teacher.

The project included Logo Identity, Website Design, Photoshoot planning- in collaboration with stylist Sarah Turro; and social media collaterals.

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"You have a sound process and tools, very organised, you walk your client all along the process and provide support when we hit certain walls or bottlenecks. You manage to get from us the very essence of what needs to be reflected in the final product. You strike the right balance between having patience when it is needed and pushing when it's necessary. A great learning process for me. I had very good references of your work, high quality, very professional, very current, very creative and most important niche oriented supporting soul led businesses."

— Amalia Perochena, Despertar tu Portal de Espiritualidad, Energía y Consciencia

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