HeartSong with Leslie Ellis

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Leslie Ellis is an experienced business owner offering Yoga and Soul-based Coaching. She joined my programme, Branded Website School, with 2 websites, a private membership platform and a variety of offerings. Through the program we rationalised her services, and distilled the essence of her vast skills into a unified website presence that communicates the sheer beauty, strength and rawness of her work.

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"You really helped me to discern what the pieces are that people need to hear. I realised I don't need to say it all and I learnt to pull back and discipline myself. The potency of what is there now is really alive, a place where people are invited to feel the atmosphere of my business. I learnt to express with the images and the words the right atmosphere for my clients. You support the possibility of soul searching which is really beautiful with just enough structure and with little interference. Your feedback was succinct, clear and potent. You also have this softness and you are tough at the same time which is a great balance."

— Leslie Ellis, HeartSong Yoga