Leigh-Lin Shao

Art Direction, Website Design on Squarespace.


Leigh-Lin from Serenity Approach is a magical being who combines her personal healing journey with her ancestral roots and her current skills and modalities.

This new upgraded website presents is here to match the fullest, integrated version of herself.

We wanted a website that felt simple on the outside, yet communicated the complexity and the depth of her work.

This project included Embodying your Brand course and Plan and Create your Photoshoot Course plus the bespoke guided questionnaires for Soul Brand Wording

Serentity Approach live website here

"As an artist and healer, I see and feel the artistry and emotional impact her designs created very deeply.
Nora’s website approach was very structured. As I worked through the lessons and gathering up the information for embodying my brand and prepare for the photoshoot, I also began a healing journey of my own. I had overlooked many aspects, they were forgotten, left behind and not to be touched, Nora was able to spot that as the info I presented was not matching my true energy.
In the process, I emerged out from the self, retrieved the fragments and dug deep and embodied forgotten elements and weaved them into the beautiful photography.

As an autistic person, the condition had previously prevented me from operating on most computing related technology, I am now able to edit, change and create on my website with ease. I feel I see a different side of me that is slightly new; not used to but I like it!
I don’t think words can express my feelings of gratitude and happiness with the entire package I received. It's a feeling felt deep inside.

With deep gratitude, love and joy,
Leigh-Lin ✨🌙❣️"

— Leigh-Lin Shao, Serenity Approach

Photoshoot planning

As part of her Design package Laurie received full guidance for intentionally communicating and Embodying the Essence of her Brand with her photos. We collaborated on choosing her clothes, accessories and the relevant locations.