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Annemiek Van Helsdingen has been successfully running her Academy for a number of years and had come to a place of her next evolution in her business and hence the website. She offers Soul-based Coaching training. It is aimed at women who are on their own path of awakening and want to add solid coaching skills to their toolkit in alignment with the truth they know- that we all have incredible resources inside of us.

The Academy had grown and the website was not reflecting the expertise of the Founder, the team and their successful track record. In short, the website looked young and not as professional and solid as the Academy now was. We wanted to communicate the full breadth of the offerings, and re-organise the priorities of the sales funnels from the home page.

We collaborated to create a full brand new look whilst not disrupting the many pages the website comprised (a technical challenge of sorts!). I designed it as a tool-kit with a variety of brand blocks so that they could re-build the old pages with the new look themselves in their own time.

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"You have a great capacity to find and translate the essence of what we do into imagery and overall design. And you are a joy to work with! I appreciated your clarity, your responsiveness and ability to capture the energetics that are so essential to helping people understand the essence of our work. I am very happy with the new look of the website. Now, we are able to show people what and who we are about as soon as they land on our website. The new design has been a solid support for our launch, with a very short turn-over period. Great feedback from clients, communities and thought leaders who are now very comfortable to share our work with their communities."

— Annemiek van Helsdingen, Academy for Soul-based Coaching