The Roots of the Mother – AnuMa

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Returning home to the Roots of the Mother, ALL WOMEN together as Her Daughters, is a homecoming to ourselves, to our beloved Mother, where we so deeply belong with all living beings, for the Sake of Humanity, for the Sake of all Life.
AnuMa invites women to come home back to their true roots, to belonging, to grounding, to remembering, to restoring the sacredness within.

The Roots of the Mother
"I appreciated Nora's caring, profound and professional way to engage and to assist me all the way through the "labour". She was a midwife accompanying me to birth my "soul child". I am deeply grateful for this rich experience. The process showed me the complexity and richness of how creation may be put into form and a strong and beautiful sense of collaboration. I also loved to meet other birthing women and to admire their creativity."

— AnuMa, The Roots of the Mother