Tina DuCharme

Brand Identity and Website Design. Art Direction. Squarespace website

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Tina DuCharme is a gifted healer who's passion is to personally hold space for others to awaken, activate and align with their soul’s highest purpose. She came to create her new website as she was transitioning from a corporate job pulling together her long time 'hidden' skills and creating a wonderful methodology called The Alignment Keys. As you work with Tina, you receive the Alignment Keys and unlock the knowledge of your Soul. You gain conscious clarity and learn to use your gifts and talents to achieve the life you desire.

"You take a very complex project and you break it down into manageable chunks. Your understanding of how to align the website to the person is your gift and the most crucial piece for the development of a sincere sense of authenticity linked directly to each website you help create. Your class lessons aid in the ability to help empower people to really dig deep and allow the unfoldment of the website to emerge from the space of their own personal soul. The length of the course is perfectly designed to allow enough time for ideas to germinate and to allow the student time to absorb and learn how each piece works. Each step of the process was very exciting and I am forever thankful and grateful for the level of mastery and guidance you have given throughout the course."

— Tina DuCharme, The Alignment Keys