On-going client– Price List

Welcome! You are most likely on this page because we have worked together on a project.
These are the ways in which me and my team can continue supporting you. We will decide together what works best for your business.

A- Implementation. This may include: uploading content or images to your website, updating copy on printed materials, follow up support with email campaigns and some logo variations (please enquire).
£75 p/hour. (Hourly rate for all collateral work related to a current/past project)

B- Strategic. This rate is applied to strategy conversations, business related consultations, complex integrations, e-commerce, sales pages and funnels and any items that require design and strategic expertise.
£110 p/hour. (Hourly rate for all collateral work related to a current/past project)

C- Project Proposal. When you have a project that is not suited to the above options I’ll prepare a bespoke proposal for you with a fixed scope and price.

Behind the scenes: For each client, we use timers attached to a Studio time sheet and this feed into the Invoicing system. You’ll receive an invoice at the end of each month for the work completed the prior month that is payable within a week. If you are on the hourly rate, you only get invoiced for the time we use on your project, no rounding up or tying you to a monthly retainer.


Does this sound like what you'd like for your business?
Put me in the picture of what you need– we’ll schedule an initial 30 minute free Clarity Call: