On-going client Price List

Welcome! You are most likely on this page because we have worked together on a project. Below are the ways in which me and my team can continue supporting you. Please email me or book a call to discuss these options.


Current and past clients- One-off Session
This is a potent time together to discuss anything and everything. Sometimes past clients are in need of Clarity, a conversation about their business evolution and collaborative conversation to see how and where to move forward. You may be experiencing a business evolution, you are creating new services, perhaps removing the old and you are seeking a new structure. If there are some simple website changes we may do them there and then. Use the link below to book directly. Price is £135 for an hour and the recording comes to you after the session.
> Book a one off session.

Acuity/Scheduling set-up

It costs £300, it is set up for up to 3 types of single appointments and up to 2 different intake forms, and it includes:

  • A comprehensive questionnaire to help you work out your weekly schedule. You will make decisions about your weekly work structure, ie. how much time do I want to leave between sessions, do I want clients to fill in a short/long questionnaire before they book and pay.. afterwards..?. Do they pay online.. and so on.
  • Payment integration with one processor so clients can make online payments
  • You will receive a video tutorial showing you how to edit your booking system yourself if you need to make changes.
  • For those offering packages of sessions or group classes or bundles please let me know how many types you have and I can price up this as an extra.

Mailchimp set up and integration with Squarespace
The Mailchimp (MC) package includes:

  • Design and implementation of one MC template
  • Connecting Squarespace to Mailchimp
  • Creating 2 automated emails. One for the free gift and one to follow on.
  • Setting up one audience
    We will pull some words from your website and format them into the email campaign above.
  • You will then be able to follow on from the template to create your own emails.
  • One round of revisions
  • Testing
  • Personalised video tutorial

Price: £300
All I’ll need from you is:
– The email address you have registered on your Mailchimp account. And your approval of the admin requests you’ll receive from us.


Project Proposal
When you have a new project I’ll prepare a bespoke proposal for you with a fixed scope and price.


I look forward to supporting you.

Nora Rose Zinerman