How I create Designs

It took me a long time to be able to explain the way I work as a Designer, and own up to my Methodology. The way I work, felt ‘out there’- not scientific enough to put into words.

Even though I trained as a professional Graphic Designer and worked in structured corporate environments with deadlines AND I have a step by step process- I ultimately create from spirit guiding my intuition and passion.

Many clients and prospects ask: how do I choose colour palettes or how do I come up with a design, or even why this is round and not square….🙂

Most times I don’t have an exact answer… it is indeed out of my control.💛

With time, I learnt to put into words what was given to me, what was travelling through me as pure intelligence from the Divine destined to support that specific client. And as I did this I mastered the technique to help the clients do the same.

In my process, my clients fully tap into their own well of creation whilst working together.

Their own unique words and images are birthed, and together we intentionally create the most aligned website experience for their business.

⭐The feedback I receive again and again is that I accurately translate the essence of the person and the business into the website experience.

Which in turn helps their customers recognise in an instant if that is what they are seeking. ⭐

My work creates connections, it makes the hearts of the right prospects beat faster when they land on the website. They feel seen. This alignment is what triggers the connection and begins the sales process.

Websites are meant to support businesses. Of course they can have beauty, integrations, funnels and calls to action but ultimately in my view they are there to replicate the experience of being in the presence of that Business.