How to use a QR Code to promote your website

Guest post by Liz Darcy Jones, an alumni from Your Website School.

The Luxury of Being Human is a talented musician called Sylva. She sometimes plays for us on the streets of Newbury. I got to know her – having once busked myself. One day she handed me a printed slip of paper with a weird patterned square on it. I’d seen them before but wasn’t quite sure what they did (a laggard when it comes to IT). ‘It’s magic. Hover your camera over it.’ she replied.

I did. And there I was on a special webpage inviting me to sign up to her newsletter and a link to listen to her music.

Magic. I asked her she did it. ‘Easy’ she said, ‘and it’s free’!

One of the things I’m always reminded when communicating with Nora is the beauty of #lessismore.
So, to cut to the chase…

A QR – ‘Quick Response’ – code can get your website onto the street. It’s easy to think once you’ve got a website up that’s job done. We forget how much more people will engage if we’ve actually met them. And I’m all about enriching live connection.

How to get someone to your website rather than simply file your business card away in a drawer?
Do what my friend Sylva did.

To get a QR code I use QR Code Monkey. And it IS easy!

Create a page specially for those who you meet in the ‘real world’ with a sexy navigation title. I read up on how to make this most mobile-friendly on SquareSpace. Quick answer – use the collage block. Here’s a link to the page I created.

Get some cards or flyers with the QR code on them. I went for postcards and they’re adorable. I’ll also have one on my CD (to the other product page on my website), and on the back of my greetings card.

Since your website’s out there, ‘get out there’ and use the magic of the QR code!

YWS Graduate Liz Darcy Jones – The Wild Rhymer – can be found at and on twitter @foreverengaging.


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