It took me 5 years to come up with a Lead Magnet

The marketing intention of a lead Magnet or freebie, is to create an exchange.

Simply said:

You provide some form of valuable free offer/gift on your website which people receive as they provide you with their email address. The person joins your Mailing List, and you communicate with them to build connection and trust with the aim of working together.

I had known this since before I had my 1st website- 5 years ago. I was fascinated by those free guides in PDF format that someone created and ‘gave’ them to me. I devoured the knowledge in them with gratitude!

However I could just not do it myself. Nothing resonated that I could offer. Nothing felt aligned. I didn’t feel qualified to be offering. And it was excruciating to be fully seen.

Also, I had a few hang ups:

• It must be offering something very valuable

• I can’t put what I do into words

• Who’s gonna want this anyway..!


As I was supporting my clients in birthing their websites, helping them shine online with confidence, I was feeling out of integrity by not demonstrating and using a ‘good marketing principle’ on my own website.

Yet, in my heart; I was in integrity with myself. Because nothing was rising from within me to genuinely offer.

This lasted years. An uncomfortable wait. I had a few ideas, but they were all coming from my head. Not from my gut.

❤️ Towards the end of 2019 I participated in a Shakti Dharma Immersion with Awakening Women. And as part of my Dharma enquiry my Freebie was born:

I recorded a test video to teach business owners how to evaluate their own website from an energy perspective and on a practical level.

I posted it in the group for feedback. It felt safe to show up fully in the Shakti Dharma group. And as I received the feedback of the women IT FELT RIGHT – WITHIN ME, IN MY BONES TO CREATE A VIDEO SERIES AS MY LEAD MAGNET. At long last!

❤️ These videos were created with love ❤️

And they are all about Soul Brand Alignment, a process we dive in with clients as we work on their brands and websites.

Update: These videos evolved into a Masterclass 🙂 Here’s the link to listen and practice.