How I Plan for my Design Business

Following my internal rhythms

A few months back I noticed my business direction overall was vague and my days were mostly being guided by client project delivery. I longed for a structure to the week that included business creative time, business admin and client project delivery.

I wanted to steer the ship, instead of being steered by client project delivery

I had run my business successfully before but with my own personal evolution, I was aware I needed a refresher and a container!
I always struggled with the yearly planning: let’s create a 2 year plan, or a 5 year plan- what??? These felt like far-fetched wishes and longings more than real, practical, achievable plans in my world.
So I enrolled in the Seasonal Planning with Dani Gardner. The Seasonal planning is a practice which focuses on a short term view, so I’d be looking at the next 3 months and I’ll be reviewing the past 3 months, plus the anchoring practice of reviewing the past week. This to me, felt simple! And doable.

How the practice impacted my Business

After completing my first 3 months- which not only got me back at the helm of the business but completely flipped the way I looked at things; I can totally say this practice works for me. It feels gentle, yet focused, and goes hand in hand with my impromptu, natural way of operating, and my internal clock of one step at a time. Aka Being present.

Feeling a sense of accomplishment as a business owner and not
as a Designer delivering client projects is a new feeling.
My entire validation system was previously very focused on client projects.

A Review of the past 3 months reveals amazing results!

This week, I reviewed the past 3 months and to my surprise- many; almost all, of the things on my planner have been done, completed and expanded!
These are some of the things on my list that happened due to planning:
• Reviewed and improved all of the Clients questionnaires and videos for Website Design projects
• I now include 2 bonus courses in my Starter Website Design and Ascended Website Design services
• I’m re-opening the old Your Website School group program as Radiant Website School, with new and improved client questionnaires, the bonus courses and new team member Kirsty who has been working with many of my clients over the past few years (enrolment is open!)
• I have a new personal name and new business name, have you noticed? (more to come on this)
• Radiant one-week website is being cooked and seeds are being planted
• And many other personal things that feed and nurture my work, including the wonderful Yogini Summer Ashram in Corfu.

Only last week I was feeling scattered and off track with my business, and yet when I look back the achievements are undeniable. This practice provides me with realistic perspective and matches perfectly the one step at a time / one foot in front of another principle that I so much love.

With much gumption and presence and as always Rooting for your Business.

Nora Rose Zinerman
Art Directress, Brand and Website Designer

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