The joy of collaboration and how to get the best results from a team

Collaboration can sometimes be an unusual concept within the work environment. From my experience in corporate jobs, I’ve noticed an undercover energy of competition and hierarchies. Underneath the ‘team members’ there can be a thread of worry about their jobs, looking good and knowledgeable, or a separate goal that is not related to the project at hand; for example aiming for a promotion.

Genuine collaboration encourages people to focus on their super-power and yields the best results for a project.

Each person provides his/her particular expertise, and the result is conceived out of everyone being present throughout the process. To participate in each stage does not necessarily mean all collaborators contribute their knowledge and expertise at all times. Sometimes, being silent yet fully present is the best way to participate.

Being inclusive and transparent builds trust and understanding within the team.

I constantly thrive to create a working process that is truly collaborative, boundaried and expansive. This awareness has helped me build a network of amazing collaborators (including sometimes the employees within the client’s company that become part of the project). I like to have the best possible collaborator for each project.

We have a team in place. How do we create best conditions to promote creativity and productivity when working remotely?

The environment I’m talking about is not a specific place or room– I work from home, and most of the communications with my clients are via email, via Zoom or on a project management platform. When I say environment I refer to the ‘conditions’ or ‘atmosphere’ that needs to be created for the team to work succesfully. Often, what truly motivates people to contribute their best is the feeling of being heard and trusted.

What motivates me the most is feeling that I am making a positive contribution. I love bringing the right collaborators to each project– it creates a unique magic formula and delivers the best results.

If appropriate we invite everyone in the team to join in from the start. Spending time getting to know each other is crucial in creating an atmosphere of helpfulness, transparency and understanding. It also builds team momentum. Nothing gives me more gratification than seeing everyone energised and excited to be working together!

Even though some team members’ roles would come into play at a later stage, having them present throughout gives a good indication of the big picture of the project.

In my view, everyone is key. It may take one person to hold the vision but it takes true collaboration to birth it and expand it beyond its initial intentions.

A comment from one of my clients:

“Nora has an incredible ability to bring order to our creative chaos, fabulous design flair, and authentic heart based connection. She is clear, focussed and professional.”

— Tracy Seed