Express your
full inner Vision
on a beautifully designed website

Dear Soul Business Owner:

I see you and I feel your Soul’s Mission.
You are ready to step into full visibility.

You have been marinating your gifts and planting the seeds for a while.
You want a website that fully reflects the experience of working with you.

Fully aligned to your Soul’s Mission.

And I’m here to show you how.


Starter Website Design

  • Become fluent and comfortable about your service
  • Own a website professionally designed
  • Communicate your service with clarity
  • Explain with ease the essence of what you do
  • Have your website reflect you deeply
  • Align your inner Vision with the outer translation
  • Learn to update your website and take complete charge


I am forever thankful and grateful for the level of mastery and guidance you have given throughout the course.

"You take a very complex project and you break it down into manageable chunks. Your understanding of how to align the website to the person is your gift and the most crucial piece for the development of a sincere sense of authenticity linked directly to each website you help create. Your class lessons aid in the ability to help empower people to really dig deep and allow the unfoldment of the website to emerge from the space of their own personal soul. The length of the course is perfectly designed to allow enough time for ideas to germinate and to allow the student time to absorb and learn how each piece works. Each step of the process was very exciting and I am forever thankful and grateful for the level of mastery and guidance you have given throughout the course."

— Tina DuCharme, The Alignment Keys

You have this softness and you are tough at the same time which is a great balance

"You really helped me to discern what the pieces are that people need to hear. I realised I don't need to say it all and I learnt to pull back and discipline myself. The potency of what is there now is really alive, a place where people are invited to feel the atmosphere of my business. I learnt to express with the images and the words the right atmosphere for my clients. You support the possibility of soul searching which is really beautiful with just enough structure and with little interference. Your feedback was succinct, clear and potent. You also have this softness and you are tough at the same time which is a great balance."

— Leslie Ellis, HeartSong Yoga

You are an excellent designer with an eye for simplicity and beauty

"My soul vision was called to do this work with you and I am so grateful!
I am clearer with how I communicate and am seen in my work. I feel confident about referring people to my website as it is such a thorough expression of my work.
Even though the process of writing the copy was rough, it is that aspect that is drawing people towards me. They are understanding clearly what I am offering! I appreciated your patience and perseverance with me and my process. All of your questions and the copy writing process was instrumental in how the site looks and feels. This is where your magic showed up! You are an excellent designer with an eye for simplicity and beauty. Also, there have been lots of successes since the launch. Its been amazing! I have new clients that came only by seeing the site."

— Carol S. James


I feel very happy with the overall appearance and function of my website and I am able to update and maintain it myself.

"I felt that the assignments and their deadlines, really pushed my buttons, as I had to really think about who my clients were, what I was offering them, and how to attract them in with my words and the services I am providing. The deadlines enabled me to complete my assignments and received feedback on improvements, which motivated me to complete these assignment for my end goal of my website. The added bonus is that my website looks very professional and the photographs are superb, which is what I wanted."

— Sharon Ashdreeaz Gahyle, Heart and Soul Ascension

You’ve built and excellent website that represents me the way I wanted, and I am getting more quality leads which convert with ease

"I've learned a lot about branding and business alignment and it's a small investment for getting a great website"

— Creig Rainbow Anderzon, Optisoul

I felt held in the hands of a loving and skilful woman who knows what she is doing, is rooted, creative and listened; while helping me to put into form my creation with presence and care.

"I appreciated Nora's caring, profound and professional way to engage and to assist me all the way through the "labour". She was a midwife accompanying me to birth my "soul child". I am deeply grateful for this rich experience. The process showed me the complexity and richness of how creation may be put into form and a strong and beautiful sense of collaboration. I also loved to meet other birthing women and to admire their creativity."

— AnuMa, The Roots of the Mother

Hi, I'm Nora Rose Zinerman

I am known for creating Brands and Websites that deeply reflect the essence of your Business. With beauty and simplicity.
Every project is a collaboration and it is always an honour to support clients in birthing their online presence. We go deep. Step by step. Ten weeks together. And I'll design a beautiful Soul-aligned website to house and organise your services, teachings and musings.

Nora- desk with Icon-2

What's included in Starter Website Design

1 • Professional website design •

Professionally designed by Nora Rose and her team, mobile responsive WEBSITE using the templates of Squarespace. Customised to your business, your clients and the unique essence of your business

2 • Discover the Essence of your Brand •

The foundational step to create a unified brand, fully aligned to the uniqueness of you. Discover and clarify the core essence of your Brand messaging.

3 • Branded Photography •

You will be guided to plan a photoshoot that deeply reflects your Brand Essence. So clients can fully vibe online the experience of being with you.

4 • Website wording •

Tailored questionnaires to write your website content. I will guide  you to streamline and simplify your message, combining effective headlines with powerful images to amplify your impact.

4 • Design & Tutorial •

This is the time when Nora Rose and her team block their schedules to focus on designing and building your website. You will see work in progress half way through and 2 rounds of revisions are included. You'll learn how to manage your website with the tailored tutorials. I want you to take the reins of your website!

5 • Owning your website •

As you see the pieces of the puzzle coming together, you’ll begin to apply everything you’ve learnt. The website is the door to your power as a business owner. It will provide you with the confidence to speak with clarity about your business and your services and attract the right clients. As you get ready to launch, your website becomes real in the online world!

6 • Deliverables •

Access to Nora's flagship courses- Embodying your Brand and Plan and Create your Brand Photoshoot. Five pages; home, about, contact and up to two services pages. Basic SEO page descriptions. It also includes one Blog or Resources section with up to 3 posts. You will be able to replicate and add pages and blog posts yourself.

Starter Website Design Price: GBP £3,800 / USD $4.800 approx

Are you looking for my Group program, Radiant Website School?
>> It's open for enrolment and we start 2nd October 2023

Selected clients’ websites

Nora Zimerman-freedom

Experience Freedom and Confidence

Your website works 24/7 for you; it welcomes customers into your energy, sells your services and qualifies them to self-select to work with you. All of this before you even meet them!


Starter Website Design

  • Are leaving a corporate job or already have clients and services or are transitioning from one business to another
  • Are self-motivated, open to learn and have a can do attitude
  • Are comfortable with using simple online tools (Google docs, Dropbox, Slack etc)
  • Are resourced for holding their own transformational process
  • Are keen to own a fully-aligned website

This is a transformational becoming to communicate online the essence of your Brand


There was a part of me that was afraid of being out there

"I was struggling with being fluent explaining what I do and figuring this out for people to understand. You got me and I learnt through other people's eyes. Joining the program was about becoming a presence in the world. Doing Your Website School was empowering and it brought me into focus. I'm sharp, I'm on point and I'm powerful"

— Amanda Kanini-Dyer, Soul Therapist

I enjoyed the soul and energetic work using frequency and intuition to match the person and needs of the site.

"Nora is very professional and is really a specialist for healers and people working with clients on a personal or spiritual level as she understands frequency, has amazing intuition and is working on other dimensional levels as well. It's really important to find a person like this considering we are not functioning in complete 3rd density anymore. This IS the future for light workers working on various spiritual levels with different clients on a personal level. There is so much more to a website than just words and pictures and Nora possesses the optimal frequency to be able to put you out into the new 4th dimensional realm in which all of humanity now finds itself. I definitely recommend Nora for the new world and for way showers and light bearers who want a good website. It was so much more than just a web design process and I love the result."

— Aellyn Aypryl Niediek

Creating a new website was an opportunity to take stock and really think how I want to present myself, my business and my offers.

"The combination of getting us to come with some initial images and initial written copy, and at the same time giving us a strong lead and a strong guidance worked well for me. You were inviting me to write with a different voice that was new to me- I wanted to present the more personal, organic, passionate and professional me, instead of just the formal one I had being doing before in my previous 2 websites. I valued other people to work alongside and learning from their questions, the being held to task, the compassion, the attention to detail, gentleness and the nonsense fierceness when supporting us."

— Penny Spawforth, Restoring Connections


Starter Website Design covers 5 pages: home, about, contact and and up to two services pages. It also includes a Blog/Resources section with up to 3 posts. You will be able to replicate and add pages and blog posts yourself. We will teach how to do this.

Basic SEO for page descriptions is included. For advanced SEO I can make recommendations of a Squarespace SEO specialist. And also, SEO overall, is well documented with easy to follow steps in the Squarespace help section so if you are keen- you can apply some extra SEO improvements yourself!


1- All Photography for your website. You will need to allow for a photoshoot and we may use a combination of some free and paid images from Stock Photo libraries. This will vary according to your business and the design direction; we will collaborate through the process to help you decide.

2- A Brand test that costs approximately 50 USD.

3- Your Squarespace subscription costs. Squarespace offers 4 different plans based on your business needs. Most clients opt for the ‘Personal’ or the ‘Business’ Plan. Paying yearly up front offers a discounted price and it’s always my recommendation. The best news: You will receive a 20% off your 1st year of the annual plan because you are my client! (this will automatically show when you choose the yearly plan) Squarespace is a hosted platform that includes your website template, security, back-ups, automatic software updates and 24/7 real person customer support.

4- Domain Name registration if you don’t already have a domain name. When you open you Squarespace account you will get a free domain for a year (some url options not available). If you purchase from a Domain provider, you may use GoDaddy. They have great customer support. The cost for this can vary from £0.99 to £10 per domain name per year.

5- Email account related to website domain. Squarespace offers the integration with G Suite if you are comfortable using that. The cost for this can be between £3/4 per month. Yearly plans usually have discounts. G Suite offers the 1st year for free to Squarespace Business users (as opposed to personal users). My Studio does not help you set up your email account however the providers of the service will.

You will need to provide any existing logos you may want to use and any other relevant assets you'd like to feature on your site.

Not as part of this package. Starter Website Design covers design and build of a website for your business. This includes the look and feel, the colour palette and the font choice following your photography and messaging.

You can purchase my Brand Design package in which I design your Logo, including social media styling and extra graphics and patterns.

Not as part of this package. Starter Website Design covers design and build of a website for your business. However, in our discussions we may be referring to the principles of email marketing and we offer this service as an add-on at any point you are ready to do this.

No, I am not. However I have built many websites on Squarespace and can teach you the fundamentals for you to be able to manage your site. I am also a Squarespace Circle Member which is a community of designers and developers that are experienced Squarespace users, and as such we get optimised care from the Customer Care team at Squarespace.

Yes of course, I also offer WordPress websites for businesses requiring extra functionality.

We offer support with integrations and extra sections you may wish to add such as scheduling appointments, a shop, events calendar, payment gates and email marketing. You may need help with extra tutorials and Social Media graphics. Just let us know on your intake form or as we go along and we will work out the best way to help you with these extras.

Please do not hesitate to email me directly here.