Understand Website Energetics



DAY 1– Your website as a welcome gateway for your soul clients

DAY 2– How to hold space directly and energetically on your website

DAY 3– Learn to analyse what works on a website


Welcome to experiencing your website from a fresh new perspective.
Learn about the dynamics that happen on a website when your customers interact with it.

This Training was recorded live inside Gennye Lion's group. Day 1 is a presentation and Q&A. Day 2 is a live review of a website and a conversation with the owner. Day 3 shows 3 website reviews in which I tune-in to the energy of each owner, their brand and their clients to show them what to improve and adjust elements to achieve alignment and clarity. For those that already have a website- you will learn how to critique it. Those in the planning stage- you'll be able to understand how to structure your home page to offer clarity and engage with ease.

Training Day 1
Training Day 2
Training Day 3
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Kim Korven
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The training includes:
Presentation, Live Q&A and Live website reviews showing you different website examples where I tune in to what is most appropriate for the energy of each business.


There was a part of me that was afraid of being out there

"I was struggling with being fluent explaining what I do and figuring this out for people to understand. You got me and I learnt through other people's eyes. Joining the program was about becoming a presence in the world. Doing Your Website School was empowering and it brought me into focus. I'm sharp, I'm on point and I'm powerful"

— Amanda Kanini-Dyer, Soul Therapist

You have a sound process and tools, very organised and you walk your client all along.

"You have a sound process and tools, very organised, you walk your client all along the process and provide support when we hit certain walls or bottlenecks. You manage to get from us the very essence of what needs to be reflected in the final product. You strike the right balance between having patience when it is needed and pushing when it's necessary. A great learning process for me. I had very good references of your work, high quality, very professional, very current, very creative and most important niche oriented supporting soul led businesses."

— Amalia Perochena, Despertar tu Portal de Espiritualidad, Energía y Consciencia

Plus you’re a true companion, encouraging, without being afraid to challenge your clients where necessary.

"You are just really skilled at helping your clients bring to life a online-home that’s in alignment with their brand’s essence. Plus you’re a true companion, encouraging, without being afraid to challenge your clients where necessary. It’s a combination I like and respond well to. Birthing a new website and brand is a big thing. A lot of love and intention goes into the process but you made it fun and enjoyable. I know that this could have been much more painful, and I’m actually quite astonished what we achieved in a still relatively short time. You were just the perfect fit for me! Thank you."

— Corinne Konrad Calder, Rebel Heart Woman