Birthing websites: an act of creation

Website design for independent businesses is a very personal affair; a bit like giving birth but done as a team.

It is an honour; every single time, to be invited to support a client birth their vision.

For me, it’s a deeply involved process, in which art, technology, intuition, expertise and creativity come together. The best results come when we collaborate, enquire and commit to finding the best solutions for the business.
Together we become the creation, the vehicle and the vessel for the website to be born.

Attract the right clients

Your online presence is the re-creation of your in-person experience. The atmosphere of the website, the flavour and the experience of it, is there to attract only the customers that will benefit from your service. It is there to qualify potential customers and to actually repel the ones that are not a good fit. As highly attuned individual businesses it is unlikely (and not recommended) that you can serve everyone. Filtering people through the website saves time and energy because when someone does get in touch they are likely a good match.

When your website is aligned and in tune with the essence of your service it will communicate with the right audience.

Websites are alive

Yes! and they are designed to grow and evolve with your business. A website is not a static thing, as a website owner it is your job to tend to and nurture your online presence. Most clients assume that when we complete our website project ‘it’s all done’ and they feel relieved… Yes and no. The birthing process is complete. But the real growth comes after. This is why, and especially for small businesses, I like to teach website owners how to be in charge of their online presence.

Ready to have a fully aligned online presence?

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