Branding and Websites

for high-frequency personal brands

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My expertise is to translate the true essence of your Vision.

Selected Projects

"You are just really skilled at helping your clients bring to life a online-home that’s in alignment with their brand’s essence. Plus you’re a true companion, encouraging, without being afraid to challenge your clients where necessary. It’s a combination I like and respond well to. Birthing a new website and brand is a big thing. A lot of love and intention goes into the process but you made it fun and enjoyable. I know that this could have been much more painful, and I’m actually quite astonished what we achieved in a still relatively short time. You were just the perfect fit for me! Thank you."

— Corinne Konrad Calder, Rebel Heart Woman

"The new website expresses what the Center for Conscious Ascension truly is at this stage of its evolution, it has rationalised our myriad of offerings into a very inviting, simple, easy flowing journey for the users. A complete and radical upgrade from our old 2009 site which grew in an organic messy way in the past and where in the end it was difficult to find things and understand what they were all about. Clarity is the key word I would use here. I benefited from finding out who I really was energetically and emotionally, learning about being a power brand and then having that reflected in the way the website is designed and how it manages to transmit all of that energy authentically."

— Nicolas David Ngan, Center for Conscious Ascencion

"I was struggling with being fluent explaining what I do and figuring this out for people to understand. You got me and I learnt through other people's eyes. Joining the program was about becoming a presence in the world. Doing Your Website School was empowering and it brought me into focus. I'm sharp, I'm on point and I'm powerful"

— Amanda Kanini-Dyer, Soul Therapist


The Design Process

  1. Embody of your Brand

  2. Create your Brand Photoshoot

  3. Write your Soul-aligned words

  • Own a website professionally designed
  • Explain with ease the essence of what you do
  • Learn to update your website and take complete charge
  • Re-frame and birth your new online presence
  • Clear stagnant content, old energy and dissonant material
  • Elegant Designs, Systems, User experience optimisation

True Collaboration

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My process is highly collaborative, rooted in 30+ years experience and I guide you all the way. You'll clarify your Brand Essence and reflect your Vision on your website. My designs are finely attuned, simple and exquisitely aligned with the soul of the business.
"I am so grateful for Nora’s pure presence in our sessions together. Her clear, focused attention evokes within me a far deeper knowing and clarity than I have ever had for my brand identity and expression. Although, by appearance, it seems she is simply sitting and listening, it has been dramatically apparent to me in our sessions that Nora’s mastery of energy healing and intuition are supporting and facilitating extraordinary outcomes far beyond expectations. I came to Nora expecting a website design; what I received was true healing, absolute clarity, and a complete up-levelling of my offerings."

— Laurie Polinski, Leader in spiritual growth and development

"As an artist and healer, I see and feel the artistry and emotional impact her designs created very deeply.
Nora’s website approach was very structured. As I worked through the lessons and gathering up the information for embodying my brand and prepare for the photoshoot, I also began a healing journey of my own. I had overlooked many aspects, they were forgotten, left behind and not to be touched, Nora was able to spot that as the info I presented was not matching my true energy.
In the process, I emerged out from the self, retrieved the fragments and dug deep and embodied forgotten elements and weaved them into the beautiful photography.

As an autistic person, the condition had previously prevented me from operating on most computing related technology, I am now able to edit, change and create on my website with ease. I feel I see a different side of me that is slightly new; not used to but I like it!
I don’t think words can express my feelings of gratitude and happiness with the entire package I received. It's a feeling felt deep inside.

With deep gratitude, love and joy,
Leigh-Lin ✨🌙❣️"

— Leigh-Lin Shao, Serenity Approach


Online Courses

  • Discover the essence of your Brand
  • Plan and create your Brand Photoshoot
  • Create a simple, solid foundation to communicate your business