Sarah Holding– author and poet

A collaboration with Sarah on Art Direction and Website Design

Sarah Holding-iMac

Sarah Holding is a children and young adults author and poet. As a writer her, cli-fi books have been widely embraced by young people and by teaching staff at schools worldwide as part of their curriculum. She offers inspirational, creative workshops at schools; that free up young imaginations and deliver a lasting love of reading and writing.

When she approached me to create a new website, she had an old DIY website that was now misaligned with her Brand and was difficult to update and manage.
We worked as a collaborative creative team, Sarah is a multi-talented artist and our easy friendship made the task at hand graceful and fun! The team got complete when photographer Cara Mia Petersen joined us and we created the perfect images for Sarah's brand.

This is the live website

Sarah Holding tablet
Sarah Holding iPad-1
Sarah Holding iPad-3
"I felt like I was receiving a series of transmissions rather than going on a little course. It was not what I expected! It was very calm and your voice was very encouraging. The pace was very enjoyable and the videos were not too long. I found the meditations really powerful- that was when I felt my 3rd eye opened and the key insights were delivered. It felt quite magical. I realised some things were so deeply embodied that I hadn’t acknowledged them to myself, so bringing those to conscious awareness as I go into my design brief has been wonderful. Especially as I don’t have to only engage my left brain in my decision making. Clarity is the key word here and everything has become really simple."

— Sarah Holding, Children and YA author and poet

We wanted to achieve a mix of professionalism, fun and warmth. The website is used by teaching and admin staff, parents and children so we went for a clean, colourful approach that matches Sarah's vibrancy and experience both as a writer and workshop facilitator. Functionality was also key to facilitate bookings and sell her books directly.

Premium mobile phone screen mockup template

Photoshoot Planning and Execution

As part of our collaboration, Sarah followed my Plan and Create your Brand photoshoot course, and received full guidance for intentionally communicating and Embodying the Essence of her Brand with her photos. Her pre-shoot planning was detailed and creative so we got to the day with a very clear idea of what we wanted to communicate, which meant the results were fantastic!
These are some of my favourites:

Sarah Holding-cli-fi
Sarah Holding-cool author
Sara Holding-writing
Sara Holding-writing-2