Trudie Tara Moulton– Art & Mentoring

Art Direction & Website Design on Squarespace.

Trudie Tara Moulton-iMac

Trudie Tara Moulton is an Artist and Mentor. With collectors around the world purchasing her joyous abstract paintings and women learning to reveal their creative gifts through her mentoring into the Creative Life Cycle. Her old website that had grown organically and it had become a little confusing to navigate and manage. She was looking to re-structure the website; which in most cases constitutes a re-birth.

The main sections of the new website are:

  • A portfolio to showcase her beautiful art
  • A shop to sell her work
  • A Blog to include her wonderful writing
  • Two new Mentoring services
  • A Calendar booking and payment system
  • And the usual base pages for home, about and contact. Plus all the T&C's, FAQ's etc.

We worked together for about 5 months, discovering and rooting in her Brand Essence and planning and executing 2 amazing photoshoots (in which Trudie birthed a whole new art studio!)

Trudie Tara Moulton- 2
Trudie Tara Moulton- 3
"Creating a new website with you has been the frequency container for a whole process of becoming the truth of who I am. You have expertly helped me navigate that and I am very grateful indeed. I feel like I have shed a heavy skin of my old self and am now stepping into a whole new me who was there underneath all along but hidden from view.
Thank you, you truly are a fairy godmother website doula!"

— Trudie Tara Moulton, Abstract Art + Mentoring

Trudie Tara Moulton

To visit Trudie's website and get a feel for what is possible when re-branding and birthing a large new multi-layered website go here.