Laurie Polinski

Art Direction, Website Design on Squarespace.

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Laurie Polinski is a leader in spiritual growth and development, renowned for her compassionate, intuitive and transformative mentorship.
Hired by Executives for strategic, impartial, advisory support; she is regarded by many as their secret weapon. Clients accelerate results, navigate team members and business situations with far more clarity and ease.

Twenty years ago she transitioned from a high level corporate job to her own coaching business; however by now, she was embarrassed to send clients to that initial website.

Laurie initially took my Embodying your Brand course which propelled her into the journey of upgrading her old website.
The insights and revelations from discovering the essence of her Brand set the tone and clarity for what we were going to achieve together.

Laurie possesses the natural gift of true mastery, she can reveal the unseen and offer clients exquisite insights to help them experience confidence and freedom, in all areas of their life.

Check out the live website here

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"I am so grateful for Nora’s pure presence in our sessions together. Her clear, focused attention evokes within me a far deeper knowing and clarity than I have ever had for my brand identity and expression. Although, by appearance, it seems she is simply sitting and listening, it has been dramatically apparent to me in our sessions that Nora’s mastery of energy healing and intuition are supporting and facilitating extraordinary outcomes far beyond expectations. I came to Nora expecting a website design; what I received was true healing, absolute clarity, and a complete up-levelling of my offerings."

— Laurie Polinski, Leader in spiritual growth and development

Photoshoot planning

As part of her Design package Laurie received full guidance for intentionally communicating and Embodying the Essence of her Brand with her photos. We collaborated on choosing her clothes, accessories and the relevant locations.

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