My website has become dated too soon

I was talking to a couple of clients this week about their first website and how it felt absolutely right when they first launched it. And maybe 2, 3 years down the line, this same website feels it’s not them anymore.

This is totally normal!
(Do not let website shame kick in)

When you first put yourself out there and allow others to see you as a business owner it can feel like a huge step, all sorts of emotions pop up. But mostly it is the beginning of taking your seat as a business owner. Of telling the world, here I am and this is how I can serve you.

Fast forward and this initial business, evolves and flourishes, it may even change direction.
And the website suddenly feels mis-aligned. It does not represent you and your business any more.
This is OK too!

The thing is, you needed to get started, you needed that first website to understand and even learn how to be seen online. You needed to formulate the business, as something that exists. Not a side line, a hobby or something you did in your spare time. A real commitment likely coming from your heart.

The first website is a way of planting a seed.
And saying I am here.
Taking a stand.
I am serving you in this way.

My first website(s) feels a million miles from where I am now. I am still doing graphics, design and websites but the way I work, and how I serve has changed. The business has changed me. And this is true for brands that are intimately linked to the business owner. As you evolve, the website feels like a mis-match.

Energetic alignment is a fundamental piece in the communication. Even if your work is via word of mouth and recommendations. If prospects get told ‘go to this person, she/he is amazing and will help you with this problem’ they then land on your website and nothing of what they have been told is resonating and creating that connection, there is a real chance they will feel the mis-alignment, and even walk off.

When your people, the ones you are totally aligned to serve, land on your website, they must feel a yes, this is the person for me.

So, if you website is feeling misaligned, a little off, don’t berate yourself.
This is an evolutionary moment. A natural progression.
You can ask these questions instead, and feel your way forward:

• What is my vision for my business, right now

• How do I want to serve

• Who are my ideal clients now that I have run my business for a while. Which are the ones I REALLY want to work with.

Is your website feeling out of synch with your business?
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