Conversation with Gennye Lion on Soul Brand Alignment for Multidimensional, Intuitive Businesses.

These are some of the points we discussed

  • How to include all the nuances of your Soul Business into the website experience
  • How to create a website atmosphere that creates a connection and serves the needs of both client and Business owner.
  • How to create a deep connection with potential clients by understanding and formulating your Brand Essence.
  • It’s not just a website! It is a pillar of intentional creation.
  • Jumping timelines with the website creation presenting the Vision of the Soul Business. (without faking it)
  • How the website supports you and propels you into your future and who you want to becomeā€¢ When you are just starting is it the best route to invest in a website?

The first step to create a Soul Aligned Website is to formulate and clarify your Brand Essence. This is the foundational pillar from where to conceive the elusive yet very tangible Soul Brand Alignment. You can learn how to achieve this with Embodying your Brand Course.

Nora Rose Zinerman
Art Directress, Brand and Website Designer

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