How I created Soul Brand Alignment in my business

Blending corporate expertise with spirituality

Since my early 20’s I had an avid curiosity for all things nutrition, wellbeing, homeopathy, therapies and spirituality. I was a vegetarian, had a doctor that practiced homeopathy and acupuncture, would go running and swimming regularly, and would cycle through the city of Buenos Aires when it was not yet fashionable. In my native Argentina I worked as a Graphic Designer for a music magazine, and in small Design studios. And when I came to UK I embraced the corporate world working as a Designer in-house for Procter & Gamble. Although I absolutely loved the job, I had a slight eek with the products they sold and eventually I began to transition to work with companies and organizations that felt more aligned with my principles. Yet my personal spiritual life and interests were firmly separate from my work persona.

One day after a Biodanza and Temple workshop, ‘my team’ spoke to me in my head.
They said, ‘this is what you wanted to do all your life’

I tried to ignore it but they kept on! I was even having a little argument with them… ‘but I am a Designer! I do not do these things!’
However, they insisted and by now my body was trembling and I was in tears.
My whole identity was around being a Designer, so the layers of resistance were thick!

The teacher at the Festival guided to find Awakening Women, the source of this work. I had no clue what I was doing. I downloaded the Temple manual and dutifully followed the Divine Guidance. Everything was aligning; fast! My friends wanted to join the temple; words I never knew I could speak were coming out of my mouth when facilitating; and to top it all up just a couple of months later I met Chameli Ardagh at her one and only Women’s Temple offering in London. 

The next summer I attended the Women’s Temple Training with Chameli; in the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece. This was a true initiation into the deeper insides of myself.

When I arrived in the ‘Octagon’ our practice room at Zorbas in Arillas, I realised that Chameli was my teacher.
That was a revelation! This acute felt awareness was quickly followed by “oh sh** I now am ‘one of those people that have a guru’!”
Luckily my own judgements dissipated as I integrated the notion of being mentored and initiated into the unknown mystery of the Goddess Path.

More Corfu Retreats and Online Sadhanas along with my own practices have settled me into the woman that was waiting to flourish within me. I began to remember, the priestesses, the witches, the medicine women.

Integrating the corporate expertise with spirituality on website projects

I often find that clients are also going through an integration process when they come to me. For me it took a choice to embrace all my gifts and offer them as one unified service, rather than continue to compartmentalise myself. In time the alignment with my true Brand Essence began.

Nowadays I include some of these deep inner practices within the Design projects with my clients. The journeys of birthing websites are a layering, there is structure and flow, expansion and contraction, creativity and strategy.
My work evolved to offering soul-aligned designs. Highly attuned brands and websites.
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Nora Rose Zinerman
Art Directress, Brand and Website Designer

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