Websites are Energy Fields

When a new client lands on your website their are landing on your Energy field.
This energy field can be intentionally created to replicate the in-person experience. Nowadays we have global clients and rarely interact with them in-person. However we are still holding space for them online. Our tone of voice, our warmth, professionalism and boundaries can all be expressed on the website whilst welcoming and guiding them through their journey in our online home.

Owning your seat in the online space

As soon as you have an online presence of any kind, you become responsible for the energy field it creates.
You can consciously and intentionally curate the vibration of this field.
Whether it’s your 1st website, an upgrade into a new one or a professional profile.
You are creating a space for clients to experience your business online.

How a client navigates your website can be crafted with care and intention

In other words, the customer experience as they journey and click through the website can be an intuitive and easy experience for them.
Your website is a LIVE space where people can purchase your products and services.
Prospects are seeing and feeling if they resonate; – will my needs be met? – can I find what I need?
They may also find connection, relief, answers to questions that have been plaguing them… And they can make a resonant choice and work with you.

Websites are also a tool to help people self-select.
If they are repelled by it, they will most likely be served better by someone else.

Ideally, your website provides a unique atmosphere which is created by Embodying your Brand and translating this essence into images and words. The vibration of your website can be intentionally created to communicate with the customers you wish to work with.

This is a foundational concept in how I approach website design. I don’t primarily focus on delivering a pretty looking website, although beauty is important. I collaborate with clients to find the thread of their essence, I teach them to embody this uniqueness when taking photos and writing their copy. As they embody their brand, they also learn how to communicate this in a way that makes sense to their target clients.
And together we birth the most potent words and images that are in full congruence with the business essence.
For example, some clients have a rawness to them, others have a wonderful unconventionality, others are gentle, or powerfully blunt, and others are mysterious. No website can be the same as the other.

You may see how the websites I design all have a different atmosphere, in alignment with the business they represent.

Rooting for your business
Nora Rose Zinerman