When is the right time to create a new Website and a Brand

Embarking on a new website is a project that requires time and commitment

And I don’t like pretending it’s another way- because I am not a Designer that picks up your assets- your photos, content and colour preferences and then brings it all together in a beautiful looking item. I can do that. I am very skilled and fast too. So in theory; I could create your website in a week or less. But I prefer collaborating. And the clients I work with enjoy that too. They want to have a creative input, and they are open to going deeper than the surface and finding insights, that in turn boost their confidence to unexpected heights.

The process is fully held and guided. You come inside my Studio container. We follow a methodology that I used with hundreds of clients and yet it is bespoke to you and your business. I work within a timeline, and yet it feels expansive and creative. The shortest time frame is 2 months. The longest is 4 months. This is directly related to the scope of what you need. Upgrading from an old large website includes reviewing the old and creating a plan for the new. These are typically the Ascended website projects. For a small business that has had a DIY website or has no website the process is shorter and the Starter website is the perfect service.

The right time to do a website, is when the right time tells you. You know this!
The mind messes us with worries and constraints sometimes: ‘I’m too busy’ ‘It’s expensive’ ‘It’s not the right time’

But the truth is, if you tune in inside; to your Business Vision, you may be feeling a momentum, a force that pulls you forward undoubtedly. It’s like a calling, it may not be loud, but its there and if we give it space it becomes clearer. I can tell this when clients come to my Clarity Call. I can even feel the urgency of their calling, the quiet passion simmering inside. Some clients have tears of relief in that first meeting with me as they share their Vision and their longings. It is not something we share often in casual conversations is it?
The investment you make will last for a good 2-4 years according to how fast your business evolves.

The time is right, when the time is right.
That’s how it is in my world.
The more I surrender, the more I see this.

For those of you that wish to own a beautiful Logo I always recommend that if you are just starting and have not traded for long in this particular version of your business do wait. Why? because you will simply evolve. You will receive feedback from clients that shapes your views of your own business, you will change direction slightly or you’ll simply solidify what you set out to do and then you’ll be ripe and ready.
And for those that are seasoned entrepreneurs and have been offering services for a while commissioning a new brand is the most delightful upgrade, it feels like a new life is starting, and it positions your business in its ‘righteous’ seat.

I am here when YOU are ready. Rooting for your business and your soul-aligned online presence.
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