Are you fed-up with your website and confused about how to move forward?


A live Website Review to refresh, align and update
your online presence

Is your website slightly misaligned, out of flow or clogged up and you are seeking to bring it back to centre? These bespoke Sessions are great for business owners wishing to restore the flow and not quite ready for a new website.


Pre-requisites for the Strategy Session

  • You are open to receiving frank, strategic feedback
  • You understand marketing and strategy
  • You are clear on your niche and you offers
  • You are not ready for a full re-design or new website
  • You have access to your website's dashboard for making the necessary changes
  • You value the power of intentional Copy and Design
  • You are happy to collaborate

Ready to step into your website refresh?


You have a sound process and tools, very organised and you walk your client all along.

"You have a sound process and tools, very organised, you walk your client all along the process and provide support when we hit certain walls or bottlenecks. You manage to get from us the very essence of what needs to be reflected in the final product. You strike the right balance between having patience when it is needed and pushing when it's necessary. A great learning process for me. I had very good references of your work, high quality, very professional, very current, very creative and most important niche oriented supporting soul led businesses."

— Amalia Perochena, Despertar tu Portal de Espiritualidad, Energía y Consciencia

You are extremely organised and incredibly proactive – things happen quickly and efficiently

"You are extremely organised and incredibly proactive – things happen quickly, efficiently and you care about the company you are involved with. I have been empowered from working with you and your team. All meetings are professional although friendly and you have helped me move forward technology-wise hugely, and at the same time made it feel easy. I also feel the energy shift within TASK and there is a lot of positive movement which I am very happy to continue to keep going with. I really enjoy working with you."

— Claire Muller, The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology

Plus you’re a true companion, encouraging, without being afraid to challenge your clients where necessary.

"You are just really skilled at helping your clients bring to life a online-home that’s in alignment with their brand’s essence. Plus you’re a true companion, encouraging, without being afraid to challenge your clients where necessary. It’s a combination I like and respond well to. Birthing a new website and brand is a big thing. A lot of love and intention goes into the process but you made it fun and enjoyable. I know that this could have been much more painful, and I’m actually quite astonished what we achieved in a still relatively short time. You were just the perfect fit for me! Thank you."

— Corinne Konrad Calder, Rebel Heart Woman


This is a value-packed insightful session


  • You will fill in a thorough Intake form in advance of our Session
  • We come together live on Zoom for 1.30 hour to review your website
  • During our Session we hold your business, your clients and your goals
  • I will make relevant recommendations that are doable within your goals
  • After we agree the changes you will have a week to implement them
  • I will then offer a recorded video with any relevant feedback that may support you in making further improvements
  • Slack support throughout a total period of 2 weeks
  • You'll receive the recording of initial Session

Price for Website Refresh Session: £500.00

Please note: This is not a quick fix. If your website is very dated in relation to where you are at now this will not work. I do not update your website myself and offer no guarantees for results of any nature.

"Insight and clarity is exactly what I got from our meeting. I guess I was ready. Your quick, efficient, feedback and guidance, gave me what I needed. I felt initially a little overwhelmed, then my overwhelm became excitement which gave me the energy to complete the work with absolute clarity!
Also I did notice that you stopped and asked how I was and guessed that I may have felt overwhelmed and your presence with me at this time was settling."

— Tracy Seed, Inspiring Authentic Communication

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I'm Nora Zimerman and my clients say I offer laser sharp, clear and insightful feedback. I am able to feel into the essence of your Soul Brand and will help you translate this into the words and images of your website.