Clients’ Praise

I am constantly evolving and improving my services. After we complete projects clients receive a questionnaire to help me understand further what works and what can be improved when working together. It is a journey we travel together.

You are extremely organised and incredibly proactive – things happen quickly, efficiently and you care about the company you are involved with. I have been empowered from working with you and your team. All meetings are professional although friendly and you have helped me move forward technology-wise hugely, and at the same time made it feel easy. I also feel the energy shift within TASK and there is a lot of positive movement which I am very happy to continue to keep going with. I really enjoy working with you.
— Claire Muller - The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology


I felt that the assignments and their deadlines, really pushed my buttons: I had to really think about who my clients were, what I was offering them, and how to attract them in with my words and the services I am providing.
The deadlines enabled me to complete the tasks at hand and receive feedback on improvements, which motivated further for my end goal of my website. The added bonus is that my website looks very professional and the photographs are superb, which is what I wanted.
— Sharon Ashdreeaz Gahyle

I felt that you genuinely listened and looked at me in order to carry the vision forward. I felt understood, in terms of where I had come from and where I wanted to get to. At the start I felt very bogged down but by the end of the project my vision was wider, yet lighter and my focus and intention more professional. I feel better equipped in many ways. Mainly having a stronger understanding of boundaries around the task at hand and how to remain focused, so that the message I am trying to convey to customers remains clear and concise. I know that you helped me to gain clarity in keeping the outcome simple.; for my business and the customer experience.
— Charlotte Jane Kessler

I have attempted to find a web designer I could work with in the past. Being a service-based small business and one that works in wholistic health and well-being makes it hard to find someone who knows that world AND web designing. So I was very happy to find that combination in Nora. She was great at knowing the field, giving very honest and useful feedback whilst listening and responding to what I wanted. I have also learnt a lot in the process.
— Penny Spawforth

Nora totally embraced our company’s aims and ambitions and became an extension of our team. She always felt attached to us while remaining very professional and giving excellent customer service.
— Helen Lamb - European Sponsorship Association

The creative process was friendly, fun and easy. I now have a beautiful website that has allowed me to expand out into the world
— Ayaahanie - Take a walk on the lightside

I had the great pleasure of working with Nora for the design of the cover for the pre-release version of my album In Her Name. As I only got in touch very last minute, we had the pressure of a deadline hanging over our heads. Nora’s professional and very efficient way of working made the process very easy and stress-less. We were able to work together via Skype and phone calls and she had great enthusiasm for the project. I felt in very good hands working with Nora and was really happy with the result.”
— Sudha – In Her Name

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