Nora Rose Zinerman

When is the right time to create a new Website and a Brand

Embarking on a new website is a project that requires time and commitment And I don’t like pretending it’s another way- because I am not a Designer that picks up your assets- your photos, content and colour preferences and then brings it all together in a beautiful looking item. I can do that. I am …

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Has your website become unmanageable?

Many business owners own websites that have grown organically. And these businesses evolve and change with time. So what they were offering when they originally set up the website looks very different from their current suite of services. I see these websites often, when potential clients approach me for a re-design. But before designing anything …

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Interview with Danielle Gardner

In this conversation with Danielle we celebrate 🥂 my course launch, talk about my course creation journey following her ‘Create a Tiny Course’ and Danielle shares valuable insights that she gained from taking my ‘Embodying your Brand’ course. 1:27 Tiny course creation framework3:33 Deciding on tiny course topic4:51 Embodying your Brand sales page6:24 Danielle’s experience …

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